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Pageboy Salon & Boutique: One-of-a-kind, head-to-toe styles for ladies 'n' gents

April 14, 2010 - Lawrenceville's got a new salon and boutique -- all in the same storefront.

Pageboy Salon & Boutique, 3613 Butler St., promises to meet customers' every style need, from tip to toe. Dana Bannon's got her chic little salon on the back, and in the front, Rachel Vallozzi's got racks and racks of handpicked and reconstructed vintage, as well as stuff by independent and local designers, including all sorts of accessories for women and, yes, men.

Vallozzi had her own Pittsburgh boutique, Kharisma Vintage Fashions, from 2002 to 2006, but has been focusing for the last few years on wardrobe styling and personal shopping, as well as her line Buttercup Blues, which will continue to be available at the nearby Wildcard. Bannon, who's got seven years experience as a hair stylist, lost her job at a Shadyside salon not too long ago, and says, "I allowed myself one day of pity, then I called Rachel."

The longtime friends found the perfect space for Pageboy in the former location of Accezzorize boutique. The 1,200-square-foot property -- leased from A-1 Realty's Lee Gross -- has "good bones," as Vallozzi explains: Brick walls, exposed ductwork and high, tin ceilings set the stage for furnishings from Retro on 8th and custom-designed racks (made from doors salvaged from Construction Junction) that hold everything from macho leather bombers to "upcycled" vintage frocks made modern with a few changes to hemlines, sleeves and buttons. Taking the confusion out of vintage shopping, clothes are labeled by measurements rather than arbitrary sizes, so perfect fits are ensured. Customers' measurements are even kept on file for future visits.

Bannon, who opened the salon by-appointment only before the boutique's official Tuesday opening, says not a single one of her hair customers has left Pageboy without buying something from the boutique -- "They browse while their hair processes." Similarly, many of Vallozzi's clothing shoppers end up booking appointments with Bannon.

Read more: http://www.popcitymedia.com/devnews/pageboy041410.aspx

Publication: Pop City