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Welcome to the Lawrenceville Corporation’s website! We are a community development corporation (CDC), non-profit, 501(c)3 organization.

The mission of the Lawrenceville Corporation is: “to act as a catalyst and conduit for reinvestment in the Lawrenceville community.”

Our vision for the community includes the following elements:

  • A diverse community that embraces newcomers and long-time residents, homeowners and renters, children and senior citizens, low-income and middle-class families alike.
  • A thriving and competitive business district that attracts customers from around the region with unique stores and products, while continuing to meet the day-to-day needs of community residents.
  • A safe, healthy and clean community free from crime, drugs, prostitution, violence and litter.
  • An attractive neighborhood full of amenities including shopping, restaurants, green space, parks and recreational facilities.

The LC is guided in its work by five main principles.

  • Preserve Authenticity: preserve community diversity and working class heritage; and build on existing architectural assets
  • Strategically Target Development Efforts: geographically concentrate development to maximize impact in targeted areas that have been identified as priorities by strategic or community planning processes
  • Market Our Assets: understand the neighborhood’s assets and its potential role in the city or regional marketplace; target regional and local customers that will advance our neighborhood’s revitalization; and develop lines of business that promote the neighborhood’s assets
  • Support High Quality Design: insist on top-notch design standards for all development and projects in the community
  • Engage in Visionary and Participatory Planning: work with local stakeholders to creatively envision the future potential of the neighborhood while keeping an eye on national and regional trends and local opportunities

Our current program areas include:

To learn more about doing business or living in Lawrenceville, visit our new website: www.lawrenceville-pgh.com.