Lawrenceville: We Love It!

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Whether you’re talking to a Lawrenceville “lifer” or a neighborhood newcomer, you’ll find that people can barely contain their enthusiasm for this place. So, what is it about Lawrenceville that’s turned everyday citizens into legions of community evangelists? Ask around, and you’ll most likely get a response that falls into these general categories...

It’s like a little village. Welcoming, walkable and weathered by a rich history—like Mayberry with an industrial urban patina. And the recreational opportunities of parks, the Allegheny River, and Allegheny Cemetery give a little kick to our assets.

It’s affordable. Whether you’re renting or buying a home, going out for dinner, or getting a haircut—good living is within reach.

It’s old and new. Shabby and shiny-new exist side by side. And we like it that way.

It’s engaging. You have choices to get involved, whether it’s purely social or civically minded. From play dates to happy hours, or community clean-ups to Art All Night, Lawrenceville offers a way for singles, couples, and families to connect.

It’s convenient. Most of the city’s major employment centers (including Downtown, the North Side, and Oakland) are just a bus ride or short commute away. And you can live a car-free lifestyle here, with business districts that serve your every need.

It's a good investment. According to Carnegie Mellon University, home values in Lawrenceville have risen eight percent, second only to the South Side. Read the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article.

In Lawrenceville, you can be yourself and become part of something that’s much bigger than you. We think that makes us pretty special. It gives this place that incomparable feeling called “community.”

Come on in and cultivate it with us. Read more about buying or renting a home in Lawrenceville.

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Resident Kate Bayer: "Lawrenceville has a small town feel with a great sense of community."

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