Ready to refuel? The kitchen’s open in Lawrenceville

in Lawrenceville Pittsburgh PAin Lawrenceville Pittsburgh PAin Lawrenceville Pittsburgh PA

Lawrenceville restaurants serve up the flavors you savor, from homestyle breakfasts through late-night bites.

The menus at our independently owned restaurants succeed at drawing from our past and pushing the envelope. Multi-generational Lawrenceville mainstays attract loyal customers for “world-famous” fish sandwiches and old-world Italian favorites. Newer ventures expand into vegetarian, New American, and global traditions.

Our dining offerings are diverse, but the vibe is consistent: never stuffy, always sociable--whether you need a spot for ladies-who-lunch, a kid-friendly place for casual dinner, or a cozy table-for-two.

Lawrenceville is also home to five coffee shops that deliver an early-morning lift. And when you’re in need of a nightcap or live music, drop into one of Lawrenceville’s hip bars or traditional taverns.

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Lawrenceville resident Katy DeLancey: "Lawrenceville has a range of small cafes and elegant restaurants."

Lawrenceville Food Finds

Pierogi pizza
Pad thai
Filet mignon gorgonzola
Fried fish sandwiches
Focaccina ripiena
Smoked salmon omelets
Saigon-style pho

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